Professional console modding services at a low cost to you!

JCC will get your console modded with a clean and beautiful installation, while keeping the cost down.

Speedy shipping.

We ship your console to you 1-2 days after service, and use fast shipping with USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground.

Fast boot times.

Our consoles always take the least amount of time to start up. No more waiting around for your console to boot, get right in the game!

Experienced installer.

JCC has been doing installations for many years on eBay and privately, and have started to branch away due to policies.

Our Services

Nintendo Switch ($100)

We now offer modding services for Nintendo Switch via Send-In. Boot all the homebrew and backups you’d ever want! All models are supported. V1, V2, Lite, and OLED. SD card not included.

Xbox 360

Phat RGH1.2 / EXTCLK ($65)

For phats, we use modchips to glitch your console. None of that unreliable RGH3 business. And we can even RGH your Xenon or Zephyr consoles. All phats supported.

Slim RGH1.2 ($65)

This is the recommended type for slims, utilizing a modchip for the absolute fastest boots. Supports all Slims and some E Slims. Ensure you do not have a Winchester as they cannot be hacked.

Slim RGH3 ($55)

While not as recommended, RGH3 on slims has proven to be good enough for installation, and is a cheaper alternative to RGH1.2. Supports all Slims and some E Slims. Ensure you do not have a Winchester as they cannot be hacked.

GameCube PicoBoot ($55)

Boot GameCube homebrew and backups without any discs! Everything is loaded from an SD Card. Both DOL-001 and DOL-101 are fully supported by JCC. User will have to provide their own SD2SP2 or SD to Memory Card adapter.

Our Work

Xbox 360 Motherboard Identification

console identification

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase?

Join our Discord server and either DM Jimmy (Orpheus#0001) or fonzie#2462, or open a ticket in #ticket-master.

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What Xbox 360 boards do you mod?

Anything from Xenon to Corona V6. All phats and slims, some e-slims. Winchester is the only board that cannot be modded. Check to make sure your E slim is not a Winchester.

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What payment types do you accept?

Cash in box, CashApp, and Zelle. Payment info will be managed in DMs/Ticket.

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What size box do you want me to ship in? (Xbox 360)

Ideally, a USPS Priority Mail™️ Medium Flat Rate Box O-FRB2 will fit phats and slims with adequate packing material. You may get the console back in a different box than what you sent it in, depending on circumstances.

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How does this process work?

You pay service price (return shipping is free), manage shipping from you to me on your own. I’ll give shipping details in DMs/Ticket upon payment. Once received, the console will be serviced either same day or next day depending on workload. Then the day after it is done, it’ll be shipped back to you.

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